What is 100 Candles Training?

The 100 Candles name exists around the ideal that you should look after your body like you want to live to 100 years of age. In turn, you might celebrate with 100 Candles on your cake. That’s easy to claim in a sentence, but perhaps a little more challenging in real life. A partnership with 100 Candles is a positive step towards helping you send out the invitations to your 100th, so start planning now…


Whilst there are many serious challenges and programs offered by 100 Candles on a yearly, weekly and daily basis, we focus just as much on the fun side of a healthy lifestyle. It’s what we do. We use words like premium, elite, expert, boutique, luxury and experienced. And we use them because it's what you're going to get.


100 Candles Training is a gym and training facility based in Heathcote NSW. We provide a huge range of fitness programs using combinations of indoor and outdoor spaces and a massive variety of exercise options to suit pretty much anyone from beginner to elite. Our gym is a happy, supportive and inviting place to exercise.


We know that premium facilities alone do not make an amazing gym. 100 Candles Training delivers a premium service by having a great team of experienced trainers and gurus to keep things working smoothly. Behind the scenes we use weird terms like intensity, volume, load, pacing, form, technique, injury prevention, fatigue, headspace, peak, rehabilitation, progression, regression, base, taper, assessment and more. Nothing for you to worry about, because that’s our job. All you need to know is we are passionate about giving you the best possible training experience time after time because we have given careful consideration to not only your exercise session, but your exercise week and even your exercise year.


Welcome to 100 Candles Training. We look forward to helping you

*Note: 100 Candles Training fiercely opposes smoking as part of a healthy lifestyle. No nanas were harmed in the making of this website.